Service Deprecation Notice

FloVault is being discontinued in order to support the use of a new BIP44 Multi-Coin wallet. Please stay tuned for information on when the new Wallet website will come online!

When will this happen?

FloVault will be taken offline after we have moved users off of FloVault onto the Alexandria wallet in the coming months.

What do I do?

For immediate use, you can migrate your wallet off of FloVault to any wallets supported on However, if you wish to use this wallet on Alexandria you should not need to do anything other than wait for the new service to come online.

Why is this happening?

FloVault has been around for quite a few years now, but however has not recieved any updates because of the large amoung of work being done elsewhere. It was initially created to use as a Wallet backend for, however our wallet needs have moved beyond what FloVault can provide.

Privacy Policy

At FloVault, we respect your privacy. We only store the data necessary for site operation and security of your account. We use cookies for various purposes, however we do NOT use any third-party analytics on our website.

Personal Data

We do NOT share any of your personal data with third parties in any way, and we also don't require you to provide any personal data for you to use the website. Most operations of the wallet software have an optional requirement for personal data such as your email, however this is only ever used to enhance the security of your account, such as sending you login notifications, and verifying your identity in the event you lose access to a 2 Factor Authenticator used on our service

Data Storage

When you create a FloVault account, we store the following information in our database:

By using our site, you agree to us storing that data when you use the wallet functionality of our service.


We use cookies only for essential parts of the site, we do NOT use any form of "tracking cookie" to track our users. The primary cookies we use are for: